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Our organization, now known as The American Academy of Restorative Dentistry, came into being on August 17, 1921, at the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, at the time of the meeting of the National Dental Association, presently the American Dental Association. Eleven men, being interested in the organization of a Porcelain Section of the National Dental Association, met to organize and to elect temporary officers; to appoint a committee to draft a Constitution and Bylaws; and to select a suitable name for the organization. A committee was also appointed “to wait on the Board of Trustees of the National Dental Association, to ask of, and advise with them as to whether we can have permission to form a separate Section of the National Dental Association to be known as the Porcelain Section”. Among other things it was decided that all new members were to be selected by invitation only and that a two- thirds vote of the membership be necessary for the candidates’ election. A temporary fee of five dollars was levied on each member present to take care of all incidental expenses of the infant organization. A committee was further appointed to prepare a clinical program for the 1922 meeting of the National Dental Association at Los Angeles, California. The first meeting was then adjourned.

At subsequent meetings of the newly established “American Society of Dental Ceramics”, broadening the scope of the Society to include more general restorative procedures as well as ceramics was frequently discussed and finally realized, when the society was eventually reorganized and renamed “The American Academy of Restorative Dentistry”. In December 1927, one of the members of the American Society of Dental Ceramics, Dr. T.W. Maves, wrote letters to some fifty-three outstanding dentists throughout the country explaining the idea of an organization for restorative dentistry and requesting that they signify their interest in such an  organization.

Enthusiastic answers were received from most of the men. A meeting of twenty men, who had signified their interest in such an organization, was called to order by the temporary chairman, Dr. T.W. Maves, on January 25, 1928, at the Drake Hotel, Chicago, Illinois. Dr. Maves outlined the purpose for calling the meeting and expressed the wish that those present could feel the same need for such an organization. Such assurance was given by several and seconded by all. Officers were then elected; and the new organization, having been duly brought into existence, was then named “The American Academy of Restorative Dentistry”. The first Academy Council, as we know it today, was then formed. Initiation fees and dues were decided upon and the first meeting of the Academy, as such, adjourned.


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The American Academy of Restorative Dentistry committees are gearing up for an exciting year! AARD committee chairs Dennis Hartlieb (Essay) and Amanda Seay (Clinic) and their respective committees have been working hard for an entire year, assembling a roster of outstanding presenters for the 2025 Annual Meeting. Their efforts will continue as they work with the presenters to ensure the content of the meeting is second to none. Curt Ringhofer (Arrangements Chair) and his committee will again attend to the many behind-the-scenes details that make the Restorative Academy meeting shine on every level. Marco Brindis will lead the Reception Committee by layering in the warm personal touch for which the AARD is known. It is a program not to be missed!

Elizabeth M. Bakeman

Elizabeth M. Bakeman


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