Deciphering Occlusion and Occlusal Morphology Through the Wax Additive Method


Clinicians: William H. McHorris, BA, DDS, Memphis, Tennessee, David R. Cagna, DDS, MS, Memphis, Tennessee

Dental occlusion interfaces with all facets of dental therapy. The process of developing occlusal surfaces in wax represents perhaps the most meaningful educational method for gaining a detailed understanding of organized occlusion. Learning through practical application is appropriate for dentists, laboratory technicians, dental students/residents, and study club members eager to pursue advanced knowledge. This series of three DVDs and one CD presents a systematic approach to the theory and practice of occlusal morphology and the wax additive technique. Laboratory procedures are demonstrated in detail and results are clearly illustrated. Viewers will gain an appreciation for the elements of occlusal morphology, how they harmonize with mandibular movement, and the value of a mutually protective and organized arrangement of anterior and posterior occlusal surfaces.