The Condylar Position in Complex Restorative Dentistry


Clinician: Dr. Robert J. Cronin, DDS, MS Clinician: Dr. Robert J. Cronin, DDS, MS San Antonio, Texas

Dr. Cronin is assisted in this DVD series by 5 other principle presenters and 8 prosthodontic residents. The series consists of 5 DVDs and a CD of the pertinent literature on the subject. Included are panel discussions and demonstrations on facebows and how to mount the maxillary cast, what Centric Relation is, how to find, record and use it, and how to mount the mandibular cast, and how to set the articulator, for both the dentulous and edentulous patient. Four other subjects are included: a PowerPoint presentation on splint therapy and implant-based records, a demonstration of mechanical pantography and setting of a fully adjustable articulator, the Freecorder pantography system and the T-Scan technology. There are 25 chapters for ease of review. This is essential information to properly diagnose and treatment plan the complex restorative patient.