Occlusion and Temporomandibular Function/Dysfunction


This videotape is a two-hour panel discussion on Occlusion and Temporomandibular Function/Dysfunction. It was part of the program of the 19th Congress of the International Academy of Gnathology, American Section, held October 30,1999. The tape is not sponsored by the American Academy of Restorative Dentistry and is not part of the ‘Through the Eyes of the Masters’ series. However, the viewer will find the information invaluable for a common sense understanding of occlusion as it relates to the TMJ. The panel is made up of Thomas Abrahamsen, DDS, MS; Jack Hockel, DDS; Peter Dawson, DDS; Alan Hannum, Ph.D.; Charles Wold, DMD; Thomas Basta, DDS; Ron Roth, DDS, MS; Henry Gremillion, DDS, MS; Irwin Becker, DDS and William McHorris, DDS, who served as moderator. The internationally known panelists represent a cross-section of occlusal philosophies plus specialists in orthodontics, muscle physiology and Temporomandibular Dysfunction/Pain Management. Each panelist will answer questions like: Is occlusion important? When is occlusal adjustment indicated? Does occlusion play an important role in orthodontic therapy? Is the relationship between TMJ position and occlusion important? What happens when there is TMJ dysfunction and what are the treatment considerations? The discussion is skillfully moderated and the viewer will find the answers to be of great clinical value.