Minimal Intervention in Operative Dentistry


Clinician: James B. Summitt, DDS, MS, San Antonio, TX

In these two DVDs, totaling 3 hours and 40 minutes, Dr. Summitt, very thoroughly covers where we are in clinical dentistry today regarding conservative restorative procedures and their respective materials. Emphasis is placed on proper diagnosis, prevention and surgical verses non-surgical correction of the carious lesion. Dr. Summitt also discusses and, when applicable, demonstrates: tooth preparation, caries detection and removal, amalgam versus composite restorations, amalgam toxicity, varnishes versus bonding amalgam, bases versus liners, and amalgam in combination with sealants. Dr. Summitt combines solid fundamentals and literature supported, state of the art, conservative restorative procedures. These two DVDs are an invaluable addition to any restorative dentist’s video library.