Direct and Indirect Gold Restorations


Clinician: Richard V. Tucker, DDS, Ferndale, Washington

This presentation consists of a DVD containing five hours of material. The existence of the many Tucker study clubs attests to Dr. Tucker’s preeminence in the fields of gold inlay and gold foil techniques. Dr. Tucker describes his feelings about the uniqueness of gold as a restorative material. Three patient demonstrations are shown as follows: first, preparation, impressions, temporization, cementation and finishing of a cast gold MO inlay; next, a classic Ferrier type Class V gold foil restoration; and third, a smaller, more conservative Class V gold foil. In all three procedures, the video image is identical to what Dr. Tucker was seeing through his operating binoculars. He then discusses in detail many variations of tooth preparation design, as demonstrated on working dies from actual patients. This is classic, conservative restorative dentistry at its best.